TCT: Target Control Transponder


The Target Control Transponder provides command and control capability, position data and telemetry data for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and Targets when used with the HVS Model 6157-1 Portable Radar Tracking and Control System (PRTCS) or 6104 Transportable Tracking and Control System (TTCS).
Two modes of operation (Command and Track) are available. In the Command mode, PulsePosition-Code (PPC) interrogations are transmitted by the Ground System. This 5-pulse group is received and decoded by the transponder set and commands are output to the vehicle. The transponder set can simultaneously respond to command mode and track mode interrogations and output both 4-pulse and 2-pulse coded PPC.
The design employs the latest in devices, circuitry, and modern production processes to provide a reliable product with high quality consistency. This unit is intended for programs and applications with stringent environmental, EMI, and reliability requirements.