Amplifiers have been one of Tel Data System GmbH represented Company core product lines since its inception in 1967. Standard Amplifier product lines as well as Custom Design Amplifiers in a variety of packages along with many unique options such as

Remote Powering and

are what they do best. We are always ready to address your special requirements to design and manufacture these products to suit your needs.

Various series of Amplifiers have gained wide recognition for versatility and reliability in Telemetry, Communications, Audio, Video, ECM and Surveillance applications.
These Amplifiers are available to cover frequency ranges of DC to 40 GHz. They operate from a variety of AC or DC supply voltages.
The Amplifiers can be packaged for the customer’s applications in sizes ranging from 1” x 1” x 0.5” to rack mounted units for indoor use and other types of packaging for outdoor requirements. The outdoor enclosures can be pressurized, non-pressurized or foamed for Antenna mast or flat surface mounting.

There are multi-channel Amplifiers available with selectable impedance and gain adjustments in all types of packaging.

A number of options are available to customize an Amplifier for a customer’s specific application.
Options include: lightning protection, power limiters, RF Filters, DC blocks, bias tee’s, improved noise figures, higher/lower gain, automatic gain control (AGC), manual gain control, numerous supply voltages and various package sizes.

Please see datasheets for more Details:

Quad Channel Amplifier


Tri Channel IF-Band Amplifier


Wide Band Amplifier


Quad Channel L-Band Amplifier


Dual Channel S-Band Amplifier


S-Band Amplifier


Filter/Preamplifier Assembly


Wide Band Amplifier


S-Band Amplifier System


Filter/Preamplifier Assembly


S-Band Amplifier

Amplifiers from other companies are also available. They can be in high-end Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at peak power levels as high as 12 kW, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) with devices covering frequency ranges from 6 MHz to 950 MHz. All amplifiers of that manufacturer have dual mode capabilities and can be operated in either a Pulsed or CW mode