Timing Products

Datasheets will follow soon:

Tel Data System GmbH has now as new Timing Products in the product line.

The timing system equipment can be used with PAL & NTSC, RS170 & CCIR based video sources, and can overlay or insert data, text & graphics into multiple video streams as required.
The data below gives an idea of the multitude of configurations available. We cannot list all configurations so please contact us if what you need is not listed here, we can almost certainly supply it.

IRIG Video Inserters
Used to insert data, text & graphics into multiple video streams including HD-SDI. Systems are available as rack-mount units, vehicle and airframe mount or for VME bus systems.

IRIG Time Code Generators
A series of GPS synchronised IRIG B time code generators designed to provide a precise IRIG B serial time code output.

Time Code Displays and Monitors
Hand-held and rack units to display the IRIG B Serial Time Code.

Video Synchronisers
Allow colour and/or mono video cameras in different locations, where IRIG is present, to be locked together

Datum 9520 replacement
Used to display timestamps in place of DATUM 9520.

TrueTime GPS-705 replacement
A range of time code displays and monitors to display timestamps used in place of TrueTime GPS-705.