Telemetry Transmitter

Tel Data System GmbH represent Airborne Telemetry Transmitter of excellent manufacturer as products that are typically used in airborne missions for:

Missile & Targets in Air to Air
Delivery Systems in Air-to-Ground
High Altitude Research Balloons & ISR…….

These transmitters, in 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Watt and their supporting telemetry components and systems are used in a wide range of missions and cover the full range of video, data, and command & control link needs for all environments and performance requirements.

Our products support a full range of PCM/FM, (SOQPSK), (Multi-H CPM) and several other modulation types. The range of input data rates span from the low kbps to greater than 20 Mbps range through a number of common interface formats. RF Transmitter frequency products can be selected for UHF, P, L, S, and C-Band operation.

Give us your specs and find the right Telemetry Transmitter for you!

More specific information you get in the datasheets below: More datasheets will follow soon…………..

 Emhiser FM- / Telemetry- /Multimode Transmitters

DC fixed: IF to Base Band Converter