M253-Tranponder: Programmable C-Band R. Transponder 20 or 50 Watt


  • Small footprint ideal for missiles and smaller unmanned vehicles.
  • Enhanced Pulse parameter capabilities
  • 30% smaller than comparable units
  • Minimum peak power outputs of 20 Watts and 50 Watts
  • Infinite Shelf Life
  • Reliable Solid State Transmitter using the latest GaAs technology


  • Vehicle Tracking


The Micro Systems, Inc. families of C-Band Radar Tracking Transponders are compact precision augmentation systems for enhancing the tracking capability of C-Band Radars. The 50 watt unit is 30% smaller than comparable units. It is particularly suitable for small missiles, targets, and aerial vehicles where weight and space are of a premium. These units offer an industry first, offering a reliable solid state transmitter and using the latest in GaAs technology. The result is low modulation pulse voltages, increased reliability, infinite shelf-life, and no maintenance requirements. The transmit frequency, receive frequency, and all pulse code parameters are externally programmable using a standard PC – another industry first. This series of transponders provides a substantial savings of time and money for testing, systems maintenance, and operational parameter changes. Minimum peak power outputs of 20, and 50 watts are available.
Micro Systems, Inc. C-Band Transponders provide enhanced pulse parameter capabilities incorporating the latest range requirements in an effort to expand the operational capability of existing C-Band radar systems.