Autotracking Telemetry Antennas


WTW Anlagenbau GmbH is a German premium manufacturer for telemetry Autotracking Antennas and Military Generators using the latest technology combined with ultimate performance for Airplane, Helicopter, Missile, Rocket and Drone flight test on Land or Water.

The Autotracking telemetry Antennas are developed in according to the latest technology to fulfil compactness, last technology, low weight and high efficiency.
This was possible with more than 30 years experienced personal in developing robust and long-lasting mechanics and excellent RF features.
The Antenna control is through Ethernet with an internal powerful Computer with a clear and easy overlooking display.
The external supply voltage is 85V-264V 50/60Hz AC / 120V-350V DC. For the RF and control signals from and to the antenna a rotary joint in azimuth and cable wrap in elevation is installed. The optional integrated Battery makes it possible to let the Antennas run for up to 16 hours without external power. Also a hybrid version with a diesel powered generator set is available to extend the runtime up to days without external power.
For the observation in short distance the system is equipped with a compact and powerfull HD camera with an optical zoom of 30x and a digital zoom of 12x (total 360x).
The web based GUI (display) is designed for easy control of the antenna and to show the status of the Setup. Tracking Modes are Auto-track, Slave-track, GPS Track and Manual Track.

The small portable WTW-LSC20 is well tested in several flight test around the world.

Please see the datasheets:

 WTW-20: Small Portable Pedestal

 WTW-LS-20Tower: L-/S-(C-)-Band Tower mounted

WTW-S-26-MIMO: New MIMO Auto Tracking Antenna

 WTW-LS-26: Planar L-&S-Band Tracking Antenna

 WTW-LSC-26: Planar L-/S-&C-Band Tracking Antenna

 WTW-LS26-2: Parabol L-&S-Band Tracking Antenna

WTW-S-31 High Gain Antenna

 WTW-LS42: Parabol Tracking Antenna

 WTW-GUI: Web based GUI for all Antennas

WTW-26-Pedestal: Standard Pedestal

WTW-26-Heavy-Pedestal: Heavy Pedestal

WTW-26-Telescope-Mount: Pedestal Telescope Mount