HSST20C-1: Ultraminiature C-Band Radar Transponder 20 Watt


The HSST20C-1 Radar Transponder is a 20 Watt, ultraminiature, precision augmentation device used to enhance the capability of C-band radars. This unit is extremely compact, and desirable for those applications where size, weight, and DC input power are at a premium. It is particularly suitable for small missiles, small targets, and compact UAVs where space and weight need to be minimized without
sacrificing performance. The design of the HSST20C-1 utilizes the latest in modern devices and circuitry. It is all solid-state to provide a reliable product with extremely long operating life.


• 20 Watt minimum peak power output
• All solid-state design – low DC power
• Sensitive detector receiver
• Small, less than 10 cubic inches(155 cubic cms)
• Lightweight, less than 12 ounces(340 grams)
• Available over 5.4 to 5.9 GHz
• Adjustable internal delay
• Reverse polarity power lead protection
• Single and double pulse interrogations
• Adjustable code spacing
• Built-in duplexer for single antenna operation and protection from high antenna reflections