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– From the data sensor to the antenna – From the antenna to data processing –

This is the goal from Tel Data System GmbH.
Data acquisition with filters, amplifiers, multiplexer, RF transmitter (in some cases flight termination receiver) and airborne antennas for flight systems like airplanes, helicopters, drones, and missiles are together with ground systems with tracking antennas, receivers, bit- frame-sub frame decommutators and data output electronic with display as well as data switching and distribution, All this is in our equipment and system portfolio. Our goal: We are committed to our customers to sell only the most advanced equipments and systems

  • Data Fusion & Display / TM Ground System/Gateway

    Data Fusion & Display / TM Ground System/Gateway

    DataHUB product line is a standards-based telemetry ground system with IRIG 106 Chapter 10 record, reproduce, publish & subscriber capability. The CPAS-6010 DataHUB is a 1U, 19” rackmount system that provides (4) or (8) B-Directional PCM channels, (2) analog input channels, (4) RS-232 Rx/Tx UART channels, (1) video input channel & (3) SFP Ethernet channels. High speed data recording is provided using (2) NVMe Solid State Drives providing a total recording/reproducing bandwidth of up to 6GB per second.
  • WTW Antenna Products

    WTW Antenna Products

    WTW antenna systems are designed according to the most modern aspects for robust applications
  • Lumistar Receiver/Combiner

    Lumistar Receiver/Combiner

    Lumistar offers the LS-28 series of high performance multi-band multi-mode RF Receiver/Combiners in several different versions including rack mount, portable and modular formats. Complete solutions from RF to bits and/or RF to UDP data broadcast in Chapter 10 format are available. Available at any frequency range from 215 MHz to 6000 MHz, data rates to 50 Mbps.
  • Recorder / Reproducer

    Recorder / Reproducer

    MITR is a high-bandwidth, high-capacity IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data recorder/publisher with multiple Tera-Bytes of high-speed removable storage
  • "Unmanned" Ground Vehicle Technology

    A Global Leader in Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology and Sea Surface Vehicle Control Kratos developed the Multi-Platform Appliqué Kit (M-PAK) as a system that is easily installed and quickly converts legacy fleets of existing human-driven vehicles and seaborne vessels into unmanned systems.

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  • We are committed to our customers to sell only the most advanced equipments and systems