Airborne Antennas

Tel Data System GmbH offers from various manufacturer a selected range of

C, X and K band stub,
wrap around,
S, L and C band slotted-bladed,
spiral antennas ……

for service in different airborne antennas and space environment applications.
Antennas are also available in single and multi-element arrays that are cavity-backed, compact and light weight for use in conjunction with transponders and altimeters in drones, aircraft and missiles.

Please ask for other antenna types if requested!

 801C: C-Band Slotted Blade Antenna

 802S: S-Band Slotted Blade Antenna

 803L: L-Band Slotted Blade Antenna

 815S: S-Band Cavity Backed Helix Antenna

 820C: C-Band Cavity Backed Helix Antenna

 832S: S-Band Stub Antenna

 845CX: C- & X-Band Stub Antenna

 845CX-2: C- & X-Band Stub Antenna

 845CX-5: C- & X-Band Stub Antenna

 845CX-8: C-Band Stuba Antenna

 845CX-10: C-,X-,Ku-Band Stub Antenna

 853_854_855: 2,3 & 4-way Power Dividers

 857_858: C- & X-Band Variable Power Dividers

 883CX-2: 2-way C- & X-Band Power Divider

 889X: X-Band Conical Spiral Antenna

 895C: C-Band Bent Stub Antenna

 895X: X-Band Bent Stub Antenna

 8100C: C-Band Slotted Blade Antenna

 8100X: X-Band Slotted Blade Antenna

 8201: ‚Altimeter Antenna

 8202: Altimeter Antenna

 8203-1: Radar Altimeter Antenna 4.2 – 4.4 GHz