Flight Radar Transponders

Like with the Flight Termination Systems, Tel Data System GmbH is also representing Flight Radar Transponders.
These are general purpose augmentation devices used to enhance the tracking capability of C-band and X-band radars. Used primarily for range tracking and safety functions.
These transponders are suitable for use on both manned and unmanned vehicles.
The transponder is applicable to

space launch vehicles,
sounding rockets and
drone targets, both sea and airborne.

These transponder designs use the latest in modern devices and circuitry. They are all solid-state, are available with 5, 10, 20, 50 Watt and 400 Watt, respectively, to provide a reliable product with an extremely long operating life.

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 367X-1: X-Band Radar Transponder

 519: Rechargeable Batterie Pack

 HSST20C-1: Ultraminiature C-Band Radar Transponder 20 Watt

 MD25C-1: Ultraminiature C-Band Radar Transponder

 MD25C-2: Ultraminiature C-Band Radar Tranponder

 MD50C: C-Band Radar Transponder 50 Watt

 MD400C-2: C-Band Radar Tranponder 400 Watt

 MD400X: X-Band Radar Transponder 400 Watt

 MD2000C-1: Ultraminiature C-Band R.Tranponder 50 – 150 Watt

 M253-Tranponder-Datasheet: Programmable C-Band R. Transponder 20 or 50 Watt

 MSDL-Datasheet: Multi Service Datalink Transponder

 M290-Datasheet: Datalink Transponder

 TCT-Datasheet: Target Control Transponder

 M280-Transponder-Datasheet: MONTAGE Transponder Model 280-1