367X-1: X-Band Radar Transponder


The 367X-1 radar transponder is navigational aid beacon suitable for positioning offshore drilling sites, buoy moorings, and most seamark and landmark locations. The beacon function will assist the pilot in locating or identifying a particular oil rig when it is surrounded by many others. The 367X-1 transponder operates in the 9.3 to 9.5 GHz frequency range. It is primarily used as a radar tracking aid and provides a switch-selectable, time-coded, target enhancement, multi-purpose reply for positive identification on the radar’s PPI (Plan Position Indicator) display. The 367X-1 transponder is housed in a weather-resistant rugged transit case. The antenna and carrying handle attach to the top, and mounting ears are provided on the bottom. The 519-1 Rechargeable Battery Pack is designed to attach to the rear of the model 367X-1
transponder case.
The design of the 367X-1 utilizes the latest in modern devices and circuitry. It is all solid-state, to provide a reliable product with high quality consistency.


• Superheterodyne receiver
• 500 Watt peak power for longrange omnidirectional service
• Operates in the 9.3 to 9.5 GHz range
• Optimize for use with aircraft WX radars with beacon mode
• Non-responsive to short pulse marine surface radars
• A code switch, automatic standby bypass switch, and sensitivity control are accessible by opening the quick-release hinged lid
• Weather resistant rugged transit case
• Switch selectable time-coded replies
• Power saving standby mode