HFTR60-1: Flight Termination Receiver/Decoder


The Ultra Electronics Herley HFTR60-1 Flight Termination Receiver/Decoder is a four (4) tone unit designed for missile and target applications. This unit is compact, and desirable for usage where size and weight are important considerations. The HFTR60-1 is a single-conversion receiver, with phase-locked loop tone decoders and advanced phase lock loop local oscillator. It is designed to the requirements of both RCC313-94 and RCC319-99 documents. The design of the HFTR60-1 employs the latest in devices,
circuitry, and modern production processes to provide a reliable product with extremely long operating life. This unit is intended for programs and applications with stringent environmental, EMI, and reliability requirements.
Due to U.S. Export Control Reform Ultra Electronics Herley Lancaster’s Radar Transponders have transitioned from ITAR to Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations (EAR) making them ITAR-free!


• Covers full 370 to 390 Mhz, & 406 to 450 MHz bands
• 4 tone decoders
• All solid-state design
• Over 2 Amp dc, 7.5 Amp pulsed output current capability
• High sensitivity receiver
• Small, less than 3.7 cubic inches
• Lightweight, less than 5 ounces
• No RF/IF tuning elements
• Standard range safety logic
• Reverse polarity power protection


• No Failsafe, STD Failsafe, Commanded and STD Failsafe
• Operating Temperature to -54° and +85°
• Common Returns: Signal strength and command returns
• All Returns Connected to Chassis
• Audio Output: 7kHz to 32kHz, 155mV to 310mV RMS