HFTR120-1: Flight Termination Receiver/Decoder


The HFTR120-1 Flight Termination Receiver/Decoder is a three (3) channel unit designed for missile
and target applications. This unit is compact, and desirable for usage where size and weight are important considerations. The HFTR120-1 is a single-conversion receiver, with phase-locked loop tone decoders and advanced phase lock loop local oscillator. It is designed to the requirements of both RCC313-94 and 319-92 documents.
The design of the HFTR120-1 employs the latest in devices, circuitry, and modern production processes
to provide a reliable product with extremely long operating life. This unit is intended for programs and applications with stringent environmental, EMI, and reliability requirements.


• Covers full 406 to 450 MHz band
• 3 Decoder Channels
• All solid-state design
• Over 2 Amp, output current capability through command relay output
• High sensitivity receiver
• Small, less than 6.8 cubic inches (17.3 cubic cms)


• Lightweight, less than 7 ounces (200 grms)
• No RF/IF tuning elements
• Standard range safety logic
• Reverse polarity power lead protection
• Power and output lead ground isolation
• -40°C to +85°C operation standard