FTT4100: Flight Termination Transponder


The Flight Termination Transponder (FTT) is a self-contained module that mounts within the WRTTM unit. It will receive, detect, and validate pulsecoded uplink GRDCUS waveform RF data transmissions (915 MHz) from the GRDCUS ground station. The FTT outputs a low voltage flight termination signal if the voltage at the FTT drops below a preset value for >1 msec after missile separation. It also provides a launch abort signal that prevents missile launch in the event that the Flight Termination System (FTS) battery or backup telemetry battery does not reach the specified voltage level.
The design of the FTT utilizes the latest in modern devices and circuitry. It is all solid-state to provide a
reliable product with extremely long operating life.


• 28 Volt nominal operating power
• Frequency of 915 MHz, ±10 ppm
• Size, less than 93 cubic inches (21.9 cubic cms)
• Weight, 6.25 pounds (2.83 kgrms)
• Decodes and processes validated uplink data messages
• Provides a downlink response
• Provides parity checks for uplink received messages and generate parity for downlink transmissions

• Senses LOVC, and provides a flight termination signal after a preset delay from LOVC detection and missile separation
• Generates a multistate indication of the destruct battery voltage for downlink transmission
Flight termination prearm, arm and fire outputs along with an indication of status (safe, prearm, arm,
and fire) in the downlink transmission.