Digital Tone-Based Flight Termination Receiver/Decoder Model HFTR60-3

Supplying high performance flight instrumentation, RF/microwave assemblies, power amplifiers, IFF and data acquisition systems for severe environments.

The CAES HFTR60-3 is the next generation programmable, digital Flight Termination
Receiver (FTR) that uses advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques to process standard IRIG tones. The HFTR60-3 is functionally compliant and qualified to RCC319-14 and is a form, fit and function replacement for legacy Flight Termination System (FTS) configurations using tone-based flight termination receivers.

The HFTR60-3 is a compact unit, capable of handling the harshest environments and is
qualified to meet military operational environments and EMI. The HFTR60- 3 employs the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to provide a high performance, highly reliable, stable, and long-life product.