Model 41: C-Band Test Set

The Model 41 test set is a stand-alone unit that performs automated and manual bench and go-no/go tests on compatible 5, 20, 50, and 400-Watt C-band Transponders. It is available in a rugged shock-mounted transit case for field use and can also be removed from the case and installed in an E.I.A. standard 19” equipment rack for lab or flight line use.
The Model 41 performs a full suite of transponder tests ideal for preflight equipment validation and verification. It can be configured for a variety of frequency and pulse parameters to verify Receiver Frequency, Receiver Sensitivity, Double Pulse Code Spacing, Transmitter Frequency, Transmitter Pulse Width, Transmitter Output Power, and Relay Delay. The test set has an easy to use Windows 7 based software application will all parameters and test panels controlled via touch screen
monitor. All test results are stored in a user defined directory and can be viewed either on the test set or
copied to a external device via the front panel USB interface.
The Model 41 can be operated in either Direct Mode with a supplied RF cable connecting the transponder directly to the test set or in Radiate Mode with a supplied antenna to transmit and receive signal to and from the transponder. It can support radiated Radiate Mode tests at distances up to 50 feet.