915MHz Data Link Test Set


The 915MHz Data Link Test Set (DTS) is a portable test instrument used for verification of Data Link Subsystem Replacement (DLS-r), Army Ground Station Unit (GSU), and other 915MHz Gulf Range Drone Control Systems (GRDCS) communications equipment in compliance with the GRDCS Data Link Format Specification. It includes a ruggedized laptop control interface that provides a modern Linux-based computer environment for ease of operator use and high reliability. The DTS is designed to provide complete closed loop (telemetry and command) test capabilities. It simulates and displays telemetry parameters of the Unit Under Test (UUT) providing a complete system environment that allows for full test and checkout of the electrical subsystems. The DTS interfaces to the DLS-r via a 915-MHz Radio Frequency (RF) datalink through either a direct connection using an RF cable or in radiate mode using an antenna. The test set displays all target telemetry and system status information while allowing the test operator to transmit commands and receive telemetry.
The DTS is ruggedized for use outside or in a hangar/lab environment. Other configurations are