Model 38-4: C-Band Mini Tester


  • Small handheld device
  • PC Programmable Transmit Frequency
  • Includes Antenna, Rechargeable Battery, and Charger


“Go/No-Go” Test C-Band Transponders


The Micro Systems, Inc. C-Band Mini-Tester (Model 38-4) is a handheld battery powered unit that provides go/no-go testing for the Micro Systems Models 251, 252, and 253 C-Band transponders and the C-Band transponders produced by Herley Lancaster.
The Mini-Tester functions to verify proper transponder operation by interrogating a transponder installed and powered in a systems platform. It is capable of testing compatible transponders at distances of up to 350 feet. Indicator lights verify the transmission of signals and the received reply.
The Mini-Tester is also available as part of a kit that includes Mini-Tester, power supply, programming set, cables, and carry case.