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MIMO Tracking Antenna a bidirectional Link System

WTW’s newest development!

The WTW-S-26-MIMO is a compact portable, mobile dual axis MIMO Tracking Antenna in S-Band.
Portable and light weight, it is ideally suited for drone (UAS), missile and general flight test applications requiring a bidirectional link..

With the adapted additional MIMO Radio, it is possible to build a bidirectional link in S-band. Other bands on request.

The infeed power to the WTW-S-26-MIMO is up to 4x 20W.

Datasheet: WTW-S-26-MIMO

Welcome New Partner Delsis Aerospace

We are proud to present our new Partner Delsis Aerospace

Delsis Aerospace is an Engineering Company, specialized in the project, development and support of high-tech systems. It a boasts a portfolio of products and services oriented towards the needs of the Aerospace sectors .

We can offer Ground and Airborne Solutions from Data Acquisition and PCM Encoders up to Telemetry Slant Range Units and IRIG 106 PCM Decommutator

Lumistars new Multicouplers

High Performance rack mount 1U x 12” deep switchable Multicouplers are available in multiple IN X OUT configurations, such as 1×8, dual 2×4, 1×4 and 1×6. The LS-16 product line covers 300 MHz to 6000 MHz. High output/output isolation and Ethernet / USB controllable gain adjustments for each channel are available as options.

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Please see here for further Details: Rackmount_Switchable_Multicouplers

NEW Downconverter Multicoupler

The WTW-DCMC Downconverter Multicoupler is available as an outdoor or 19 “indoor version, and as a WTW-MC multicoupler without downconverter.

Front Connectors
Power: 24 VDC
Control: Ethernet
SW Update: USB Stick
RF-1 and RF-2 In: 1435-2485MHz In: N-Type
RF-1 and RF-2 In: 4400-5250MHz In: N-Type
Back Side Connectors
RF-1 and RF-2 Out: 400-2485MHz In: N-Type

The C-Band section is equiped with programable Downconverters


> 10dB @ 5150MHz down converted to 1400MHz
> 5dB @ 2300 MHz
> 9dB @ 1500 MHz
RF Input Frequency Range:
L/S Band 1,485-2,485 MHz
C Band 4,400-5,250 MHz
Down Converter:
First Channel fully programmable Oscillator from 4,000-8,000 MHz, second Channel Inverted Spectrum
Number of Input Channels: 4 (2 for C Band + 2 for L/S Band)
Input / Output Impedance: 50 ohms
Output Frequency: L/S Band 1435-2,485 MHz
C-Band programmable between 400-2485 MHz
Control: Remote Control through Ethernet and Browser
Connectors: N-Type
Typical Size: 14” W x 9” L x 2.1” H
Typical Weight: 8 Pounds
Power Requirement: 24 VDC
Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 °C (-40 to +50 °C option)
IP Class: IP65