NEW Downconverter Multicoupler

The WTW-DCMC Downconverter Multicoupler is available as an outdoor or 19 “indoor version, and as a WTW-MC multicoupler without downconverter.

Front Connectors
Power: 24 VDC
Control: Ethernet
SW Update: USB Stick
RF-1 and RF-2 In: 1435-2485MHz In: N-Type
RF-1 and RF-2 In: 4400-5250MHz In: N-Type
Back Side Connectors
RF-1 and RF-2 Out: 400-2485MHz In: N-Type

The C-Band section is equiped with programable Downconverters


> 10dB @ 5150MHz down converted to 1400MHz
> 5dB @ 2300 MHz
> 9dB @ 1500 MHz
RF Input Frequency Range:
L/S Band 1,485-2,485 MHz
C Band 4,400-5,250 MHz
Down Converter:
First Channel fully programmable Oscillator from 4,000-8,000 MHz, second Channel Inverted Spectrum
Number of Input Channels: 4 (2 for C Band + 2 for L/S Band)
Input / Output Impedance: 50 ohms
Output Frequency: L/S Band 1435-2,485 MHz
C-Band programmable between 400-2485 MHz
Control: Remote Control through Ethernet and Browser
Connectors: N-Type
Typical Size: 14” W x 9” L x 2.1” H
Typical Weight: 8 Pounds
Power Requirement: 24 VDC
Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 °C (-40 to +50 °C option)
IP Class: IP65