Telemetry / Tracking Receivers

RF Telemetry Tracking Receivers, IF Receivers, Integrated Receivers, Down Converters, Portable Telemetry Systems

Our, Tel Data System GmbH, manufacturer is leader in the Receiver market provides telemetry cards for PCI, PCIe, cPCI form factors as well as products that do not require an OS to operate. These
products cover a wide range of ground telemetry equipment from the receiving of the RF signal to the display of individual
parameters in the PCM data stream.

The product categories are:

For high performance multi-band multi-mode RF Receiver/Combiners, several different versions available

RF Telemetry / Tracking Receivers, Down Converters
For the reception of the telemetry signal

IF Receivers, Digital Demodulators and Combiners, TM Displays
For processing 70 MHz signals including Pre D and Post D combining and creating the clock and data for a variety of modulations

Bit Syncs, Decoms and DAC
For recovering clock and data from an analog signal, frame synchronization with IRIG time and digital to analog conversion

Telemetry Simulators and Test Transmitters
For the creation and playback of PCM data allowing RF output, and real time data manipulation

Integrated Receivers, Demodulators, Bit Synchronizers
Installing telemetry cards into 1U, 2U, 4U chassis for complete ground stations

Portable Telemetry Systems
Rugged portable telemetry quick look stations as well as unique lighter portable products

Airborne Receivers and Bit Synchronizers
Airborne applications like the reception and recording of TM signals by a chase plane

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