PCM880: Data Acquisition & PCM Encoding


The Ultra Electronics Herley PCM880 System is used for instrumenting missiles, airborne vehicles, and other platforms requiring a small volume ruggedized PCM encoder. The PCM880 is the premier system for acquiring, signal conditioning, and encoding all types of signals. Versatility, flexibility, and ease-of-use are paramount in this system’s hardware and software design.

The PCM880 System microprocessor scans the installed hardware, compares it to the user format, and reports discrepancies through the system software. The PCM880 System housings are designed to provide maximum accuracy of test results in the most severe environments. All housings are environmentally sealed with EMI/RFI shielding and gasketing and meet MIL-STD-810E requirements.
To minimize noise and crosstalk, all modules are individually shielded in the system.
The PCM880 System is designed to work as a stand-alone encoder or in a Master/Slave configuration.


• Fully Programmable Master/Slave Operation to 25Mbps
• Variable word lengths of 4 to 16 BPW
• Tracking Pre-Modulation Filtered and Selected Word Output
• 8 Selectable Stored Formats
• Embedded Encryption with 8 Selectable Stored Formats
• Real-Time Data Monitor
• Fully Programmable Signal Conditioning of Analog, Digital and Avionics Bus Data
• Standard +/- 1.0% Accuracy