6399-5: GPS Tracking Unit, Program JTU-II


The Ultra Electronics Herley 6399-5 GPS Tracking Unit (GTU) is intended for installation into high-dynamic missiles, weapon systems, and targets. The GTU combines and processes GPS satellite coarse/acquistion (C/A) code and air dynamics from an integral Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and outputs the data in a standard format compatible with the host air vehicle telemetry system. The Ultra Electronics Herley GTU is an integral part of a vehicle tracking, navigation, and/or scoring system, or other applications where accurate, high-dynamic Time-Space-PositionInformation (TSPI) is required. The GTU employs a state of the art GPS receiver capable of maintaining GPS lock through the extreme dynamic environments required of today’s
missile and weapon systems.


• GPS based Time Space Position Indicator (TSPI) Processor Unit
• GPS Tracking for High Dynamic Missile Environments
• Able to compute position solutions under 25g dynamics
• Able to output raw measurements under 50g dynamics
• Integral triaxially mounted accelerometers and rate sensors
• Integral power conditioning
• Output compatible with KratosLancaster PCM encoders
• Serial and parallel data output