TNP200_Rev01: Telemetry Network Processor

Standards Based Telemetry over IP, TMoIP
High Speed Telemetry transport
Ethernet data transport System
Integrated BERT, Diagnostics and Alarms
Configuration via user-friendly WEB interface
SNMP Manageability

High Performance, low latency leader.

IPtec specializes in facilitating high performance, low latency services over IP networks.
IPtec provides reliable, high quality products for low latency video and telemetry services. These products enable customers to transport high quality video and telemetry signals over IP networks.

High speed Telemetry transmission

The TNP-200 is a telemetry over IP (TMoIP) compliant multiplexer/de-multiplexer system enabling transparent, low latency transfer of very high speed digital telemetry over IP networks. The TNP-200 packetizes telemetry data and PCM data and transfers the packets across an IP network. Another TNP-200 is used to reconstruct the telemetry and PCM data to its original state. The TNP-200 provides IP Network Processing for up to four 50 Mb/s RS-422, ECL, PECL & LVSD digital telemetry signals (clock and data). Each Telemetry data interface may be programmed as an input or output enabling dual channel or full duplex data transmission.

Network Interface

The TNP-200 is equipped with one optical (1/10Gb/s) and two electrical network interfaces, supporting BT-10/100/1000Mbps. Multiple switched Ethernet interfaces provide flexible installation and interconnectivity options.

Diagnostics Tools

The TNP-200 provides statistics data and diagnostics tools for network installation and troubleshooting. The tools include test pattern generation and Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT).

Superior Performance

The TNP-200 supports individual port timing recovery, using adaptive clock techniques to regenerate source timing information. The user may optimize operation for different networks and applications by configuration. An optional rate independent, flat line response feature guarantees fixed delay on all ports.

Powerful Management

The TNP-200 is remotely manageable via a standard WEB interface and SNMP. Performance monitoring and system configuration capabilities facilitate installation and management in large networks.