MUX64: Analog Multiplexer


The model MUX64 is a 64 channel single ended ( or 32 differential channel )
analog multiplexer with an output amplifier to provide high input impedance, low output
impedance, high switching speed and high slew rate. The amplified and non amplified
outputs are available.

● 64 Single Ended or 32 Differential Channels.
● ±10 Volt input signal range.
● Standard CMOS/TTL channel select inputs ( Consult factory for Windows/PC COM port channel selection or PC loaded sample plan capability ) .
● High Speed Switching: Settles to 0.1% of full scale within 1 micro second.
● Channel Bandwidth: DC to 1 MHZ.
● Over and under voltage protection of ±40 Volts on each analog input.
● Amplifier output, gain from 0.5 to 1000 ( factory set ).
● Small size.

Electrical Specifications:

Power Supply: ±8 to ±18 volt supply, < 15milli amp, or isolated +5 volt to +40 volt, <. 0.25 watt.
Channel Separation: 70dB minimum.
Allowable input signal levels on either input from –10V to +10V.
Maximum Input ± 40 volts will not damage any analog input.
Input Impedance: >100 Mohms < 10 pf
Channel Separation: 70dB minimum.
Slew Rate: 15 volt per micro second.


Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C to +125°C
Humidity: Relative humidity of 85% for two hours at 65°C.
Altitude: Unlimited
Vibration: 20g’s RMS from 5 to 2000Hz in each major axis.
Acceleration: Constant acceleration of 100g’s in each axis.
Shock: 100g’s for 10m second in each major axis.