Radar Altimeters

Tel Data System GmbH represents one of the major provider of various radar altimeters designs that are being used in numerous vehicles, including UAVs, space launch applications, autonomous targets and towed targets. Two basic designs are provided; a pulsed Doppler unit as and an FM CW configuration. Both of these models are miniaturized units with light weight, high performance and high reliability capable of flying at low altitudes.

The recently introduced 4503-100 linear Radar Altimeter (RALT) possesses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques that dynamically control APC, transmitter bandwidth, transmitter sweep rate and deviation, achieving one (1) ft. or better accuracy and resolution at very low altitudes. With a modular construction, this programmable small volume RALT is designed for high performance, low cost and low power consumption.

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 4502: Radar Altimeter

 4503-100: Radar Altimeter