Company / About us:
Tel Data System was founded 40 years ago as a company with the goal of developing telemetry and data processing systems for the aerospace industry. During this period, many of these systems and devices were sold to a wide range of customers in the field of avionics and defense technology and successfully implemented.
Also 40 years ago we came to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing a German telemetry conference „TC“ with exhibition, in line with the US „International Telemetry Conference“ ITC.
This is now taking place every 2 years in Germany and has meanwhile mutated into the „European Telemetry Conference“ ETC.
Of course, we adapted our company to the market according to the latest developments and expanded our products into the general measurement data area, whereby communication is particularly important to us.
Our motto „customer first“ has proved its worth.